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"INITIATOR2 is an extension of the model INITIATOR (Integrated NITrogen Impact Assessment Tool On a Regional scale) that was developed to: (i) gain insight in the fate of all major nitrogen flows in the Netherlands and (ii) assess the impacts of improved agricultural practices and technical measures such as changes in animal housing on nitrogen fluxes in the Netherlands."


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"The Heureka project has developed software for forest management planning and analysis, with special focus on multi-purpose forestry. The software applications are intended for both large-scale and small-scale forestry and enables an integrated analysis of different utilities."


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"GAINS is an integrated systems model (composed of different sub-models that are brought together to function as a single system) designed to explore synergies and trade-offs between local and regional air pollution control and the mitigation of global greenhouse gas emissions. The model can help to explore different pollution control strategies across the world and determine the ones that maximize benefits."


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‘GTAP was built as a general equilibrium model, assuming perfect competition and constant returns to scale, for 87 world regions and 57 commodities. The model allows for a sophisticated treatment of consumer demands, detailed treatment of international trade and transport costs and a global banking sector.’


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"EXPAMOD (Extrapolation Model) is used for up-scaling the outcomes from FSSIM to the European scale, in the form of price-supply relationships. EXPAMOD estimates a meta supply response function, by means of an econometric approach, depending on price variations, farm characteristics, and corresponding soil and climate."


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"The ERICATool is a computerized, flexible software system that has a structure based upon the ERICA Integrated Approach to assessing the radiological risk to biota. The tool guides the user through the assessment process, recording information and decisions and allowing the necessary calculations to be performed to estimated risks to selected animals and plants."


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The CETAX model was "[…] developed to help analyse the effects of tax policies on national labour markets. It can be used to illustrate the effects of different forms of international tax coordination."


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