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"MITERRA-EUROPE is a deterministic and static model which calculates N and phosphorus (P) balances, emissions of NH3, N2O, NOx and methane (CH4) to the atmosphere, and leaching of N to ground water and surface waters. The model was developed to assess the effects and interactions of policies and measures in agriculture, including structural measures, on those fluxes."


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"CAPRI is a global agriculture sector model developed to assist in assessing the effect of CAP instruments on production, income, markets, trade and the environment at EU or member state levels as well as sub-national level."

The opportunities to business of improving resource efficiency

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Bio Intelligence Service, AMEC



"This study forms part of the Commission's on-going analysis of the opportunities to be gained from improving resource efficiency and how best to help business realise the potential economic, as well as environmental and social benefit." (Executive Summary)


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