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    GRANTA MI:BoM Analyzer

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    "MI:BoM Analyzer is part of the GRANTA MI materials information management system. It is an easy-to-use web application. It connects to a GRANTA MI database on your corporate Intranet or elsewhere on the cloud, enabling you to access a wealth of material, process, and environmental data. You can then apply that data to your company's products or product designs, and quickly generate information on factors such as product mass, environmental impact, or regulatory and supply risk." (

    Circular approaches to phosphorus: from research to deployment

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    DG Research and Innovation



    "This report constitutes a summary of presentations and discussions which took place at the workshop ‘Circular approaches to phosphorus: from research to deployment’ held in Berlin on 4 March 2015. The workshop was jointly organised by the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation), the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) and the P-REX project. The workshop aimed to bring together research and demonstration projects on phosphorus recovery and recycling from across Europe, with industry practitioners and experts, to: enable contact between the different projects in order...

    Green Technology Choices: The Environmental and Resource Implications of Low-Carbon Technologies

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    S. Suh, J. Bergesen, T.J. Gibon, E. Hertwich, M. Taptich


    International Resource Panel



    "What happens when low-carbon electricity supply technologies are deployed alongside energy efficiency technologies? The International Resource Panel's assessment looks at the impacts and benefits for people and the environment." (