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    "EU-Rotate_N is a dynamic, process-based simulation model for crop rotations including field vegetables, simulating water, carbon and nitrogen cycles in soil and crop and their combined impact on crop growth and yield."


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    "EUFASOM is a model constructed for the European Agricultural sectors and can be used to analyse changing policies, technologies, resources and markets. The model focuses only on the forestry sectors, while the rest of the economy is taken as given (exogenous). […] The model is mainly used to; forecast production quantities, including agriculture and forest harvests and land-use transfers; forecast equilibrium prices and trade for all products and regions included in the model."


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    "EXPAMOD (Extrapolation Model) is used for up-scaling the outcomes from FSSIM to the European scale, in the form of price-supply relationships. EXPAMOD estimates a meta supply response function, by means of an econometric approach, depending on price variations, farm characteristics, and corresponding soil and climate."