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    Resource Efficiency: Potential and Economic Implications

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    Paul Ekins, Nick Hughes et al.


    International Resource Panel



    "This report examines the potential for increasing resource efficiency in industrialized countries, including the G7, emerging economies and developing countries. It focuses on the use of natural resources and the environment, including energy, land, water, raw materials: biotic and abiotic, marine and freshwater, oceanic and terrestrial. The evidence base includes the recent and ongoing work of the International Resource Panel, as well as that of a number of international organizations that have addressed this issue. The report also seeks to identify transboundary effects and discusses...

    Impacts of circular economy policies on the labour market

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    Cambridge Econometrics, Directorate-General for Environment, ICF, Trinomics



    "The study looked at trends of circular economy activities across different sectors and quantified these activities as modelling inputs to provide employment changes for different sectors. Furthermore, the analysis provide estimates of the occupational shifts and skills requirements that a shift to a more circular economy could entail. The aim of this report is to develop an understanding of how a transition towards a more circular and resource efficient economy in Europe will affect labour markets across the Member States." (...