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    The iCspec project focuses on the in-line process control of many technically relevant gases such as hydrocarbons (HC). The main purpose of the project is to develop gas analyzers beyond the state-of-the-art for fast in-line multi-component monitoring of gas compositions in a process stream and to replace currently employed analyzers as gas chromatographs (GCs) or Fourier-Transform-Infrared spectrometers (FTIRs)

    Come fry with me: China uses waste cooking oil from restaurants to fuel commercial airline flight

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    Tracy You


    Daily Mail



    "Hainan Airlines completed China's first commercial flight using biofuel. Waste cooking oil is used as the raw material to mix with normal jet fuel. The Boeing 737-800 flew around 100 pas-sengers from Shanghai to Bejiing. A handful of countries pos-sesses the ability to create its own biofuel. Waste oil is major health problem in China as it is collected from gutters and sold back to restaurants" (