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    Limitations of the waste hierarchy for achieving absolute reductions in material throughput

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    S. Van Ewijk, J.A. Stegemann




    "Dematerialization can serve as a measurable and straightforward strategy for sustainability and requires changes in management of material inputs and waste outputs of the economy. Currently, waste management is strongly inspired by the waste hierarchy, an influential philosophy in waste and resource management that prioritizes practices ranging from waste prevention to landfill. Despite the inclusion and prioritization of prevention in the hierarchy, the positive contribution of the application of the waste hierarchy to dematerializing the economy is not inevitable, nor has it been...


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    "The ERICATool is a computerized, flexible software system that has a structure based upon the ERICA Integrated Approach to assessing the radiological risk to biota. The tool guides the user through the assessment process, recording information and decisions and allowing the necessary calculations to be performed to estimated risks to selected animals and plants."