Better regulation Toolbox

"This Toolbox complements the main Guidelines on better regulation in staff working document (SWD (2017) 350). It provides more specific and operational guidance to those involved with the various better regulation instruments.

The Toolbox is structured around 8 main chapters:

- Chapter 1 presents the key principles and concepts underpinning better regulation at the European Commission;
- Chapter 2 presents tools for carrying out an impact assessment (IA);
- Chapter 3 presents tools for assessing specific impacts, whether they are estimated prospectively in the context of IAs or retrospectively when carrying out evaluations or fitness checks;
- Chapter 4 provides a short summary of how to facilitate and verify the transposition and conformity of EU law;
- Chapter 5 describes how to establish monitoring systems;
- Chapter 6 provides guidance on how to carry out evaluations and fitness checks;
- Chapter 7 lays out how to consult stakeholders in the context of better regulation
- Chapter 8 summarizes methods to identify, assess and quantify costs and benefits and provides insight into how to use visual aids and present quantative data" (p. 2)



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