Product-service systems: a literature review on integrated products and services

"Academic and business interests in the product-service system have risen significantly in recent years. The product-service system represents a competitive opportunity for many companies as they seek to reduce consumption by altering how their products are used by providing services. To further establish this field, the objective of this paper is to present a literature review on the product-service system, including 149 papers published from 2006 to 2010. The review discusses specific features of the product-service system as well as the benefits and drawbacks that the literature has addressed in recent years. Positive and negative issues of the product-service system are also covered. It is evident that the research in this area is still dominated by theoretical work, and additional empirical research is required. Selected research perspectives are identified that encourage future research." (


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Fernanda Hänsch Beuren, Marcelo Gitirana Gomes Ferreira, Paulo A. Cauchick Miguel

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Production and System Engineering Department, Federal University of Santa Catarina

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