"R2π examines ways to shift from the broad concept of a Circular Economy (CE) to one of Circular Economy Business Models (CEBM) while searching for both market failures and policy failure that hinder the broad implementation, use, and acceptance of CEBMs. The uniqueness of the R2π project is in having a strong business orientation that goes beyond environmental goals and in examining the role of (innovative) business tools and policy packages on the diffusion of CEBMs. The aim of the R2π project is to highlight sustainable business models for circular economy and to propose Policy Packages that will support such business models. This will be achieved by analyzing a substantial amount of case studies covering different sectors and countries followed by a quantitative analysis. The accumulated knowledge will enable the project partners to identify best practices and develop the R2π toolbox and policy guidelines to support both business and policy makers." (http://www.r2piproject.eu/about/)





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