A reflection on the Dutch Sustainable Public Procurement Programme

"Public procurement can contribute significantly to achieving sustainable
development. The Dutch government has indicated that sustainable procurement
is one of its priorities and has developed and installed a Sustainable Public
Procurement Programme (SPPP). This essay reviews the current programme and
assesses its actual contribution to sustainable development. Specific questions are
raised with respect to both the set up and the content of the current decision
criteria for supplier selection and contract provisions. This article argues that, so
far, the focus on minimum requirements, the strict distinction between
environmental and social criteria and the absence of specific long-term ambitions
and a systems perspective have limited the actual contribution of the Dutch SPPP
to sustainable development. Finally, ongoing discussions by involved stake-
holders, with respect to suggested adjustments to the programme, are reviewed
and linked to the assessment presented here. It is concluded that these discussions
reflect promising trains of thought for the future of the Dutch SPPP." (p. 27)


Scientific article

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Frans Melissen, Harry Reinders

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11 (pp. 27-36)




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