SYMBI General objective is to empower regions to build sustainable economies, resilient to en-vironmental pressures and climate change. The project will support the implementation of policy instruments and measures for the diffusion of industrial symbiosis, to add value, reduce production costs and relieve environmental pressures through increased resource efficiency and green house gas emissions. "SYMBI aims at supporting the transition towards a resource-efficient economy through industrial symbiosis, establishing territorial synergies to manage waste and exchange energy & by-products as secondary raw resources." Furthermore, through the development of the activities, SYMBI will get: Encourage regional waste transformation systems; Pro-mote the use of secondary raw materials and the emergence of regional secondary raw materials market; Prioritize green public procurement; Unlock investments by regional and local financial actors; Explore, assess, expand, and enhance current practices in ecosystems of industrial innovation; Raise public awareness on industrial symbiosis and circular economy.

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