Public and private sector funding is regularly invested to develop new technologies and/or modify processes/products to bring resource and energy efficiency improvements. However, in order for EU stakeholders and industry to see the true value of these new technologies and modifica-tions, and make informed decisions surrounding their adoption, a consistent approach is needed to assess the sustainability impact across the full value chain. This is particularly challenging when it comes to assessing sustainability across sector boundaries, or in a data lean environment. For many years, the European process industries have recognised that assessment of sustainability is an essential component of their business management. As such, many sustainability indicators, tools and methodologies (collectively referred to as 'tools') already exist. However, these vary widely in their sophistication, applicability, maturity and usability thereby limiting broad cross-sectoral implementation. The SPIRE Roadmap therefore calls for an industry-focused study of current approaches with the aim of identifying, evaluating and promoting a suitable collection of tools (a 'toolkit') for sustainability assessment across the process industries.

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