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"CAPRI is a global agriculture sector model developed to assist in assessing the effect of CAP instruments on production, income, markets, trade and the environment at EU or member state levels as well as sub-national level."

Beyond the Throwaway Society: A Life Cycle-Based Assessment of the Environmental Benefit of Reuse

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Valentina Castellani, Serenella Sala, Nadia Mirabella



"In the context of a circular economy, sustainable consumption is often seen as the antithesis of current consumption patterns, which have led to the definition of the so-called throwaway society. Reuse may provide a preferred alternative to other waste management options, because it promotes resource efficiency and may significantly reduce environmental impacts. To appraise the environmental benefits related to reuse of goods, a methodology adopting life cycle assessment (LCA) has been developed. A standardized procedure has been developed, identifying reference products within product...


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