Type of evidence: 

"The SUSMETRO Impact Assessment tool provides information on the expected effects of spatial planning with regard to the self-supportive capacities of the region (ecological footprint) and the share of recreational and nature conservation facilities (land uses functions), offering cost-benefit calculations regarding the expected economic revenues."


Type of evidence: 

"MODAM is a bio-economic modelling system that functions as Multi-Objective Decision support tool for Agro-ecosystem Management. It simulates farmers’ decision behaviour underthe assumption of pure economic rationality."


Type of evidence: 

"The Heureka project has developed software for forest management planning and analysis, with special focus on multi-purpose forestry. The software applications are intended for both large-scale and small-scale forestry and enables an integrated analysis of different utilities."


Type of evidence: 

"The GENIE model is focused on long-term paleo-climate change, and the future long-term response of the Earth system to human activities. It includes modules of atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice, marine sediments, land surface, vegetation and soil, ice sheets and energy."


Type of evidence: 

"GAINS is an integrated systems model (composed of different sub-models that are brought together to function as a single system) designed to explore synergies and trade-offs between local and regional air pollution control and the mitigation of global greenhouse gas emissions. The model can help to explore different pollution control strategies across the world and determine the ones that maximize benefits."


Type of evidence: 

"The ERICATool is a computerized, flexible software system that has a structure based upon the ERICA Integrated Approach to assessing the radiological risk to biota. The tool guides the user through the assessment process, recording information and decisions and allowing the necessary calculations to be performed to estimated risks to selected animals and plants."


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