Circulate is now on Medium

Publication Date: 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018 - 12:31pm


Joe Iles

In 2015, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation established Circulate as a way to explore and share the development of the circular economy around the world. We’ve shared stories from emerging startups to large businesses, from Silicon Valley to India, and from the people redesigning products to those reimagining entire systems. 

With so much activity, it can be hard to keep up. As the circular economy gains momentum, new stories are emerging every single day. What’s more, as the discussion around the circular economy has become so dynamic and far-reaching, it’s become more important than ever to sort signal from noise. Which stories truly demonstrate the principles of a circular economy? Which policy or business activities deserve more thorough scrutiny? Who are the people making progress, and what can we learn from them? Are there temptations that distract from circular economy efforts? Where are the gaps in our collective understanding? What are the next frontiers in the circular economy shift?

From now on, we’re going to focus on delivering the highest quality insights that enhance understanding of the circular economy. You’ll see fewer of the short news snippets and What We’re Reading links, and more of the long form, in-depth writing that has been popular on Circulate so far. We’ve noticed that it’s this type of article that people enjoy and share with others. They’re the pieces that tell a story about the journey towards a circular economy, like this one from Eritrea, this one on circular design, and this one on beer.

One more change is that we’ll be joining the community of readers and writers over on Medium, and you can visit Circulate’s new home now. We hope Medium will provide a better experience, and Circulate will be as open and accessible as ever. Publishing on Medium opens up new ways to hear from you, with commenting, highlighting and sharing tools to create more opportunities for conversation and feedback. You don’t need an account to read Circulate, but if you get a free Medium account, you can stay up to date and get involved.

On the subject of feedback, we’d like to hear yours. If there are circular economy stories you’d love to hear, you want to pitch an article, or have thoughts on the changes outlined above, get in touch.

Lead image by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash