Circulate on Fridays: Mobility’s electric and automated transformation

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Friday, 18 August 2017 - 1:19pm


Seb Egerton-Read

In this weekend’s Circulate on Fridays, we ask whether ownership will survive free delivery, how parked electric cars are earning money and balancing the grid in Denmark, and much more!

While the application of the circular economy to finite material and energy flows has been thoroughly researched, the path for water is a little less clear. In a piece for China Water Risk, Nick Jeffries explores the potential to move from theory to action when applying the circular economy to this critical resource.

“Cheap distribution already changed the world once. It most likely will happen again.” In an insightful and in-depth piece for NewCoShift, Seth Miller asks whether ownership can survive an era where delivery becomes free. It’s hard to sum up Miller’s article better than he does himself:

Self-driving cars will bring the next great disruption in distribution. Like the internet, they will restructure not just their intended market — transportation — but every single thing they touch. This post describes how.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, a year-long trial is showing that parked electric vehicles (EVs) could support utilities as spare batteries, and those EVs can actually earn a fair amount of money for their owners. Find out how on Ars Technica.

As automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) change economies all over the world, a significant response to the social and economic disjunction has been the idea of instituting a universal basic income (UBI). It’s an issue that has been taken up by various people across the political spectrum, and pilots haver been launched in a number of countries and regions. One could be forgiven for not being able to keep up with the various projects, fortunately Futurism has provided this useful guide.

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