The Circular Economy 100

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

"The Circular Economy 100 is a pre-competitive innovation programme established to enable organisations to develop new opportunities and realise their circular economy ambitions faster. It brings together corporates, governments and cities, academic institutions, emerging innovators and affiliates in a unique multi-stakeholder platform. Specially developed programme elements help memebers learn, build capacity, network, and collaborate with key organisations around the circular economy." (https://...

Towards Sustainable Plastic Recycling in India - Experiences from the field

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Arthur Haarman



"This report was prepared for the project "Managing hazardous additives in plastic reycycling in India". This project is part of the Sustainable Recycling Industries programme (SRI), funded by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) and jointly implemented by the Institute for Materials Science & Technology (Empa), the World Resources Forum (WRF) and ecoinvent." (p. 1)


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"The Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA) method estimates the materials and energy resources required for, and the environmental emissions resulting from, activities in our economy. The EIO-LCA method was theorized and developed by economist Wassily Leontief in the 1970s based on his earlier input-output work from the 1930s for which he received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Researchers at the Green Design Institute of Carnegie Mellon University operationalized Leontief's method in the mid-1990s, once sufficient computing power was widely available to perform the large-...


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"COPERT is a software tool used world-wide to calculate air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from road transport. The development of COPERT is coordinated by the European Environment Agency (EEA), in the framework of the activities of the European Topic Centre for Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation. The European Commission's Joint Research Centre manages the scientific development of the model. COPERT has been developed for official road transport emission inventory preparation in EEA member countries. However, it is applicable to all relevant research, scientific and...


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"WITCH is a Regional Integrated Assessment Hard-Link Hybrid Model. Its top down component consists of an intertemporal optimal growth model in which the energy input of the aggregate production function has been expanded to give a bottom-up like description of the energy sector."


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"TREMOVE is a policy assessment model, designed to study the effects of different transport and environment policies and technologies on the emissions of the transport sector. The model covers both passenger and freight transport, annually over 1995-2030. The model estimates the transport demand, the modal split, the vehicle stock turnover, the emissions of air pollutants and the welfare level under different policy scenarios."


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