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Project partners

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Over the course of 24 months (running from October 2016 to September 2018), the project team:

  • Collected an evidence base of reliable datasets and projections and made the evidence base available for the development of impact assessments;
  • Pointed out innovative approaches based on the circular-economy concept in Member States;
  • Assessed the economic, societal and resource-efficiency impacts of selected transitions on existing or new markets over time;
  • Compiled model-based estimates and assessments of macroeconomic, societal and environmental costs and benefits of circular-economy transitions; and
  • Described market and societal impacts of resource and waste flows and changes to those flows

CIRCULAR IMPACTS was a two-year EU-funded research project involving three European research institutions.

The project team created three infographics, which cover different topics :

1. Integrating the circular economy into the European Semester
2. Step-by-step methodology for case studies on the circular economy
3. Methods for measuring impacts of circular-economy transitions

They can be found in the gallery below.