WP2 Theoretical framework

The European Semester is the European Union’s annual cycle of economic policy guidance and oversight. Although monitoring the achievement of Europe 2020 Strategy targets, some of which focus on energy... Read more

WP2 Theoretical framework

Transforming the linear economy, which has remained the dominant model since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, into a circular one is by no means an easy task. Such a... Read more

WP5 Impact Assessment

In many reports scenarios for the circular economy are designed in order to evaluate the macroeconomic, environmental and societal impact of a transition towards a circular economy. We distinguish an... Read more

WP2 Theoretical framework

The circular economy is an instrument to reduce primary resource use and environmental impacts of the economy. However, in current policy documents of the EU (EC 2015) it is also... Read more

WP4 Case studies

This document is about the methodology and selection of the case studies. It is meant as a guideline for the case studies, and together with the other reports in this... Read more